Tinder Logo proven fact that Tinder replaced its wordmark having an symbol conveyed an i

Tinder Logo proven fact that Tinder replaced its wordmark having an symbol conveyed an i

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The reality that Tinder replaced an icon to its wordmark conveyed a significant message. The app that is dating wanting to inform you: individuals recognize it instantly and don’t even need the written text for this. To put it differently, the Tinder logo design has already reached Nike Swoosh status.

Meaning and History logo design

2012 — 2017

Tinder ended up being incubated inside Hatch laboratories. It began operate in 2012 and quickly gained success among users. Just 2 yrs later on, there have been around one billion individual registrations a day.

Today 2017

In the summertime of 2017, the program eliminated the text logo design changing it with an icon that is minimalistic. In reality, the symbol it self had been familiar into the application users: it had been the flame sign that were utilized as opposed to the dot within the letter “i” in the logo that is old.

Now, the flame symbol has acquired a gradient texture. Even though the old emblem ended up being flat and orange, the brand new you have some measurement and fades from orange to pink. Additionally, the form associated with flame happens to be somewhat modified. The symbol has exploded a bit rounder, while its recommendations became sharper.

There’s also another, inverted form of the emblem. right Here, the flame is white, even though the history includes a gradient texture of orange and shades that are pink.

The logo design modification happened soon after the application it self ended up being updated, too. A cleaner design was introduced, as well as simplified navigation and a new way of displaying photos as part of the app overhaul.

Old expression

The original Tinder logo had been a text-based one. right right Here, the phrase “Tinder” was handed in a sleek modern blued app typeface with circular curves. The centerpiece associated with logo design had been perhaps the flame expression, which replaced the dot on the “i.”

Emblem symbolism

This is behind the flame sign appears pretty clear: Tinder is focused on the flame in a very body that is human. Additionally, “hot” could be the word we call an individual who appears good. As being a dating application, Tinder guarantees us to light the fire up of relationship. The title of this task it self fits the style completely since it means “material useful for lighting fire.“

The decision of colors on both the old and Tinder that is new logo completely normal, for the flame expression, as orange and magenta (or red) will be the colors of fire. This basically means, the palette is another means of guaranteeing you “burning hot” relationships.

Those acquainted with the thought of chakras, which stumbled on us from ancient meditation techniques, may notice an additional symbolic meaning behind along with option. Orange could be the color of this chakra that is second that is connected with imagination and sex.

The old logo showcased a minimalistic, contemporary typeface. In addition to the flame over the “i,” the wordmark ended up being identifiable as a result of such distinctive elements once the bar that is top the “t” (which lacked a half their size) as well as the sloped club from the “e.”


As the old logo design had been orange regarding the white back ground, the latest a person is more complicated, with regards to the color scheme, because of the gradient impact. Now, there’re several tones of orange, that are complemented by a number of light magenta tones. Regardless of along with change, the Tinder logo design has remained consistent with its flame symbolism. More over, the “fiery” impact is actually much more pronounced in the logo that is new.